Commonplace Book is a way of sharing extracts, fragments, notes and reflections throughout the development of Into the Mountain. It creates the possibility for containing multiple voices and experiences involved in the project.

  • 3 people's hands touch a lichen covered rock

    Into The Mountain Trainees Announced

    We are delighted to announce that Leona Dölger and Polly Urquhart are our two successful Into The Mountain Trainees.  They will be participating in our […]

  • Winter walk

    Winter Walk

    Tumbling mist crossing the hillside opening frames of landscape. Quietness descends with gentle windblown mist. So light only breath is moving it along. A pasture […]

  • How The Earth Must See Itself

    How The Earth Must See Itself is a new short film project conceived and developed by Simone Kenyon and filmmaker Lucy Cash. It is created […]

  • Into The Mountain – A Meet

    Into The Mountain – A Meet brought together practitioners and enthusiasts interested in the intersections and conversations between the arts, dance, mountain and hill walking […]

  • Jean Lanhorne with the Into The Mountain company


    Earlier in the research process for Into the Mountain, we were joined by Jean Langhorne, who led us on one of her favourite walks from […]

  • Erlend Clouston talks on his relationship with Nan Shepherd

    Erlend Clouston on Nan Shepherd

    Erlend Clouston, long-term friend and literary executor of the Scottish poet and writer Nan Shepherd, talked intimately about his personal relationship with Nan on the […]

  • With Gentle Interest

    Gather and receive the core 5 sensual elements. Distil each essence – sight, smell, sound, taste, touch. Let the distillation enter Let it explore With […]

  • GROUP(S)

    Dance makers / Performers first day of research with Eco- Psychologist Margaret Kerr. Two days of mindfulness practices, slowing down, observation of bodily and environmental […]

  • Recce

    Walking Routes and site considerations with Heather Morning from Mountaineering Scotland.

  • Mountain Leader Training (a return to)

    After losing confidence in her Summer Mountain Leader training, Simone takes the training course again after a 10 year gap in preparation for this project. […]

  • Into The Mountain (Solo)

    Into The Mountain (Solo) programme image and research notes. The performance explored the relationship between mountaineering experiences and dance improvisational strategies.

  • Solo Creative Expeditions

    “What more there is lies within the mountain. Something moves between it and me. Place and a mind may interpenetrate till the nature of both […]

  • Winter Bodily Appendages

    Practise of crampon walking and ice axe breaking down from Cairngorm summit. Walking styles and ways to walk will be an recurring theme and particular […]

  • Winter Training in the Cairngorms

    Perfecting the emergency abseil from a ‘Snow Bollard’.

  • Stones / Granite / Riverbed

    A temporary collection of stones to study from a water course in the Cairngorms. “The Cairngorms Mountains are a mass of granite thrust up through […]

  • Following our noses

    A winter weekend of drifting into research and development with artists Siriol Joyner and Laura Bradshaw in Newtonmore in 2015.

  • Reading

    Reading The Living Mountain during a workshop back in 2013 at abandoned Blackwater Lodge, Cabrach. NE Scotland.

  • Nan Shepherd £5 note

    ‘Summer on the high plateau can be as delectable as honey; it can also be a roaring scourge. To those who love the place, both […]