Tumbling mist crossing the hillside opening frames of landscape.

Quietness descends with gentle windblown mist. So light only breath is moving it along. A pasture of pale green fir trees clears. Its colour created by heavy dew and early morning frost dissolving over the day. Trees are touched by water and the needles hold this nourishment with delicate care. Stillness everywhere, mist softens sound pressing it down through the ground and so disappearing into the earth.

Walking in quiet, listening to quiet, I can only stop and hold my breath. Beneath my feet a frog rests in the mud.


The text above has been written by Caroline Reagh, one of the five dancers forming the Into The Mountain Company. Caroline is a traditional step dancer and co-director of Dannsa, a performance group celebrating the traditions of Scottish dance. Living in Newtonmore, in the Cairngorms, she has a passion for being in the mountains and an appreciation for the positive health and wellbeing this brings.