How The Earth Must See Itself is a new short film project conceived and developed by Simone Kenyon and filmmaker Lucy Cash. It is created in response to Into The Mountain and takes inspiration from celebrated Scottish poet and writer Nan Shepherd and her book The Living Mountain.

The short film, distributed through National Theatre of Scotland digital channels and produced with support from Scottish Sculpture Workshop, will mix the evocative and powerful geography of the Cairngorms with the live performance and extracts of Shepherd’s prose. How The Earth Must See Itself will be a visceral, sensuous evocation of light and texture, and a moving response to Nan Shepherd’s writing.

“We are moved by the way in which Shepherd’s writing in The Living Mountain prioritises her physical and sensuous relationship with the Cairngorms. She interweaves scientific, philosophical and embodied knowledges to help us re-imagine how we can be within these environments, no longer seeing mountains as sites to summit but instead proposing to meet the mountain with a deep and playful curiosity.”

Quote from Simone Kenyon and Lucy Cash

Visit the National Theatre Scotland website for more information.