Dancer in the heather of the Cairngorms
Photo: Felicity Crawshaw

Some months have passed since the Into The Mountain performances and with this we have invited the amazing team of women who made it happen to share their reflections, thoughts and feelings after the event. From production to performing, guiding audiences and behind the scenes, all have taken something away from the collective experience of Into The Mountain into their daily lives and practices. Caroline Reagh, one of the dancers, shares her thoughts:

“3 months after the project now and this rich, wonderful experience lies quietly strong, contained in body and mind smiling, laughing, wild weather, the huge open sky so privileged to have worked with very special women who can sing, dance, create, cook, revel in the outdoor experience, wait for the moments, share and share again and give, give, give………………..Namaste.”

Visit Caroline’s website here.