The deadline for this opportunity has passed.

We are inviting applications for two Into The Mountain Traineeships, delivered in partnership with Mountaineering Scotland and Into The Mountain.

The traineeship offers a package of training and support to mark out a practical route for women to overcome some of the social and practical barriers facing them in accessing Scotland’s mountainous landscapes. This exciting new collaboration is born out of a commitment to support more women to access the hills and work within the outdoor industries.

From the outset, Into The Mountain has investigated the historic and current roles women have played in informing our experience of Scottish landscapes. The project aims to shift the conversation and culture around mountaineering from a male-dominated narrative of conquer, adrenaline and high peaks, to instead promote more diverse understandings and relationships with mountains from multiple perspectives.

The Into The Mountain Traineeships aim to form a legacy of this project and these women’s stories, and together with Mountaineering Scotland will practically support two more young women to access the hills and relevant training towards becoming Summer Mountain Leaders.

The Programme

The Into The Mountain Traineeships offer a package of training and experience, which will support the successful candidates to develop their knowledge of navigation, mountain skills and leadership in the mountains. Through hands-on learning with Simone Kenyon and a series of Mountaineering Scotland training courses, the trainees will be in a position to complete their Mountain Leader training following this programme.

We will offer:

  • Travel (up to £375 for all courses and mountain days)
  • Per diems at £16 per day for the courses and quality mountain days
  • Free places on the Mountaineering Scotland courses below


29 June 2019
Mountaineering Scotland course (one day) — Low Level Navigation

14 July 2019
Mountaineering Scotland course (one day) — Hill Navigation

19 — 20 October 2019
Mountaineering Scotland course (two day) — Mountain Skills Weekend

Dates tbc – Summer 2020
Mountaineering Scotland course (6 days)— Mountain Leader Training

Course Dates tbc – from June 2019 – June 2020
4 quality mountain days with Simone Kenyon


This programme places increasing demands on fitness and stamina, building from entry-level activity for those new to hillwalking, through to the Mountain Leader Training Course, which requires a high level of fitness over many hours. It is vital that Trainees are physically fit and willing to commit to improving their fitness and stamina levels throughout the programme. Please declare any medical conditions or if you are using medication at the point of application.

Mountaineering Scotland and Simone Kenyon will supervise this programme in a way designed to manage the risk of accident to both participants and instructors, while at the same time providing realistic, practical and beneficial training. Outdoor activities, by their nature, contain a degree of hazard and risk and despite the greatest care accidents may occur. By applying to this traineeship programme you acknowledge that you are aware of this risk and agree to participate according to Into The Mountain and Mountaineering Scotland’s requirements.

We ask that you:

  • Understand programme requirements and bring all necessary clothing, equipment and food
  • Be forthcoming about your past experience and any medical conditions, when you are asked to provide this information
  • Listen carefully to your course or mountain leader and follow instructions given
  • Be proactive by asking questions – interaction is an important part of the learning process
  • Respect other participants and your course or mountain leader
  • Provide feedback about your experience following the programme
  • Encourage others to develop self-reliance in the mountains by advocating for Into The Mountain and Mountaineering Scotland


We welcome applications from young women (for clarity this includes cis women, trans women and intersex women) between the ages of 18 – 30. You must be 30 or under on the 18 June 2019 and based in Scotland to be eligible for this traineeship.

Through this traineeship, we are particularly interested to support young women who are underrepresented in the outdoor industries including; women with Black, Asian or minority ethnic heritage, those who experience difficult socio-economic situations and women who identify as LGBTQ+. We ask applicants to make this clear when applying, if applicable.

You must be available for the dates outlined above.

How to apply

Application deadline: Friday 21 June 2019, 12 noon
Interviews will take place on Monday 24 June 2019
Applicants will be informed by Tuesday 25 June 2019

We are no longer accepting applications for this opportunity as the deadline has passed. 

You will be asked to submit:

  • An outline of why you are interested in this traineeship, what you would bring to it and why this opportunity would be of benefit to you (500 words max)
  • Details of one referee
  • Any information relating to your personal circumstances, if applicable

To support people to access this opportunity, we accept audio/ video applications. You are welcome to apply in this format if this is easier for you. There is space to link to this on the online form. In the other boxes, please write “see video/audio”.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your application prior to the deadline please contact SSW Programme & Communications Manager, Jenny Salmean: jenny[at]